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80’s alternatif | Part#7 – 1986

80’s alternatif #7
Série de 10 émissions consacrées au son alternatif de la décennie 80’s

Tracklist :

1 Spirit in the Sky by Doctor and the Medics
2 I love my leather jacket by The Chillsµ
3 Swamp thing by The Chameleonsµ
4 Before too long by Paul Kelly
5 Yin and Yang by Love and Rockets
6 Real wild child (real one) by Iggy Pop
7 It’s a good thing by That Petrol Emotion
8 Take the skinheads bowling by Camper Van Beethoven
9 Wild wild life by Talking Heads
10 Turn to the sky by The March Violets
11 Matador by Xmal Deutschland
12 Waking up the sun by The Adult Net
13 Unveiling the secret by Psyche
14 Tales of taboo by Karen Finley
15 Language is a virus by Laurie Anderson
16 The Cat by The Essence
17 Johnny Johnny by Prefab Sprout