80’s alternatif – Part#1 1980

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80’s alternatif #1
Première partie – 1980
Série de 10 émission consacrée au son alternatif de la décennie 80’s

Tracklist :
1 Train in vain by The Clash
2 Private Idaho by B52’s
3 Tell me when my light turn green by The Dexys Midnight Runners
4 Food for thought by UB40
5 Internationel jet set by The Specials
6 Susie and Jeffrey by Blondie
7 On Island by New Muzik
8 Elstree by The Buggles
9 One to one by Joe Jackson
10 Restless by Flash and the pan
11 Just keep walking by INXS
12 Monkeys by Echo and the Bunnymen
13 Once in a lifetime by Talking heads
14 Ballad of lucy jordan by Marianne Faithfull
15 A forest by The Cure
16 A cicuit like me by The Metronomes
17 Primitive by Killing Jokes
18 Vienna by Ultravox[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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